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melanie just had a birthday!


on a bit more somber note–i must go to the oral surgeon tomorrow!!!

pesky wisdom tooth

…and the construction (and accompanying woes)  continue.

but i am determined to slog thru!  there will be lots of blooms here quite soon, and i hope to be one of them!

have a blessed day!



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closeup of Wandie’s quilt “Green is the Color of New Life” and the butterfly quilting i did on my Gammill

February showers

I decided to get the bathroom tub surrounds re-tiled–bit off kinda more than i could chew-lol!   seems the concrete was wet under the shower so now have to dig (jackhammer-type digging) and redo the drain, tear walls out etc.  

 and btw, it is also raining here on the desert!  very lovely!

it’s february first!

and so far i have gotten cabinets built for the studio, painted the kitchen and utility room with jilly, finished a quilt, and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and my bedroom!  whee!  i am on a roll!  i know this is ho-hum stuff for most people, but for me this is cool stuff–getting to stay up all day and sleep all night and take care of my house!

just hope the geezer check arrives when they said it would-haha!

second-to-last night!

only two more shifts for me!  then i get to do housework and conflab with the neighbors all day, 24-7!  i will sleep at night and rise with the sun.   it will be delicious!

as the “old lefthander” joe nuxhall used to say!


just got back from a visit home-four of us laughed ourselves silly and almost got thrown out of three different establishments!   and, no, we did not have any adult beverages!


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my youngest daughter is using vintage patterns to re-create doilies our foremothers crochetd. aren’t they lovely?